How to Download and Install the Geeni App on your PC

Geeni is a smart home app that gives users the ability to control their lights, cameras, and other devices from one convenient place. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, but some users may want to use the Geeni app on their PC. Here’s how to do it.

Download the Setup File

The first step is to download the Geeni setup file from the official website. Make sure to download the correct version for your operating system. If you have a Windows PC, you’ll need to download the Windows version. Once the download is complete, you can move on to the installation process.

Install the Geeni App

Once you’ve downloaded the setup file, you’ll need to run it to begin the installation process. The setup wizard will guide you through the entire process, so all you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions.

Login to the Geeni App

Once the installation is complete, the Geeni app will open automatically. You can then log in with your email address and password. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to control your devices and access the various features of the app.


Downloading and installing the Geeni app on your PC is a simple process that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. After the installation is complete, you’ll be able to control your lights, cameras, and other devices from the convenience of your PC.

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